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How to keep you and your swimmer safe

In these notes the word “parent” is used to refer to the adult caring for the swimmer.

  • Before leaving home check that the swimmer and parent are both well with no Covid-19 symptoms. If either the swimmer or the parent displays any symptoms you should not attend the swimming lesson.

  • The swimmer must be “swim ready”. This means leaving home already dressed in swim wear.

  • Only one parent may attend the lesson. If someone else brings the swimmer (for example, a grandparent) I must be advised beforehand.

  • Parents should arrive at least 5 minutes before the lesson in order to have enough time for the following procedures.

  • Upon arrival at the pool area, parents should wear their own face mask.

  • The parent should use hand sanitiser which is provided.

  • Swimmers may now wait inside the pool area, but parents must wait outside until the previous group have all left. Practice one-in one-out.

  • When parents enter the pool area they must wear shoe covers, which are provided. These can be taken home and used again at the next lesson. This avoids wastage.

  • Parents are encouraged to use the NHS Covid-19 phone app to scan the QR code which is displayed.

  • Seating for parents in the pool area is arranged in a socially distant manner. Please do not move the chairs.

  • There are two changing areas available for use after the lesson. Only one parent and child can use a changing area at any one time. The showers are out of use, so the swimmer should shower or bath at home to rinse off the chlorine from the pool. Please be as quick as possible in order not to delay other parents.

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