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  • What are the lesson fees?
    £15 per lesson for Groups (maximum 5 swimmers). £25 per lesson for Duo. £40 per lesson for one to one.
  • What are the lesson dates?
    We run lessons over 3 terms (spring, summer & autumn) which run in line with the school terms. Lessons are on everyday of the week except Saturdays.
  • Who are the lessons for?
    Swimmers aged 3-11 but we are flexible.
  • How many children are there in a class?
    We have a maximum of 5 children in our group classes. 2 maximum in our Duo classes.
  • What should I bring to attend a class?
    Swim suit and a smiley face. That’s all we ask for. The rest of the equipment is provided.
  • Do I need goggles?
    It is your personal preference but most children learn more quickly with goggles.
  • What if my child is terrified?
    We like to bring your child on gently and at their own pace. So for any really nervous swimmer we always encourage you to bring them to watch a lesson the week before they start, to become familiar with the surroundings.
  • How do I book?
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