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Why Swimming?

Why Swim


Learning to swim is a skill that prepares you for life’s challenges. By learning how to swim we increase our understanding of the world around us. Swimming is not just good for us, it is an essential skill for life. We believe you should be able to enjoy holidays around the pool, participate in water sports, explore the reefs. Read what swim England says here:  

  • Keeps your child's heart and lungs healthy

  • increases strength and flexibility 

  • Improves balance and posture

  • Builds confidence

The harrowing fact is according to the Royal Life Saving Society 585 people drowned in the UK in 2018. That’s why a big aspect of our learn to swim programme dedicates time to drown prevention and water literacy. We emphasize safety from the very beginning and encourage all our swimmers and families to take part in drowning prevention week

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