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About Us

About Ducks 2 Water


Ducks 2 water was founded by James Nugent who has gained an excellent reputation in the High Wycombe/ Marlow area. By teaching across different swim schools and swimming programmes for the last ten years, James has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. His desire to see children thrive in swimming led to the creation of Ducks 2 water. James’ passion for swimming started in the early 90s. He was fortunate to grow up with a swimming pool in the garden. His early memories are of days spent around the pool, later winning races and galas. These passionate feelings around swimming have meant he wanted to create a swim school driven around empathy, positivity and excellence. He has had the pleasure of teaching the most nervous swimmers who have then gone on to be excellent club swimmers. That is why at Ducks 2 water we feel its important for your children to create a positive happy relationship in and around the water that will last a lifetime.  

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Why our Lessons

Innovative lessons

We are not just passionate about swimming; we want to change lives by building and instilling confidence. Building a relationship and creating trust is at the heart of the way we teach. Our teachers know when to be gentle and when to give an extra push. Our natural approach to swimming helps the children be at one with the water. We have developed a large toolbox of games and activities that can be drawn upon. While keeping the lesson fun and progressive, we try to keep the lesson predictable and repetitive to help nervous swimmers feel comfortable.

  • Small classes

  • Warm pool all year round

  • Faster progression

  • Super fun

  • Promote self discovery 

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