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Our lessons

Ducks2Water offer a full range of lessons from duckling to club swimmer. We offer smaller group classes designed to maximise your child's potential. 

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Duckling 1 will see children start to move by themselves in the water.
By Duckling 4 they will be jumping in, going underwater, floating and travel 10m without support.
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Stage 1

 Stage 1 helps to build water confidence, while introducing water safety skills and the basic skills needed to build swimming ability.

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Stage 2

Stage 2 sees swimmers develop streamlining to their strokes and travel without their feet on the floor, using a recognised leg kick.

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Stage 3

Stage 3, swimmers will develop their kicks, on both their front and their back.

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Stage 4

Stage 4 sees swimmers perfect their leg kicks for all four strokes and further develop push and glides, while also being introduced to sculling.

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Stage 5

Stage 5, swimmers will develop their skills in treading water, learn the correct arm pulls for all four strokes and learn how to do handstands and somersaults.

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Stage 6

Stage 6 teaches swimmers how to prepare for exercise, while developing an efficient technique for all four strokes and further developing surface dives.

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Stage 7

Stage 7 focuses on fully developing all four swimming strokes, as well as building stamina and improving diving skills.

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